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For more than 14 years,JIANGSU HUNTS FOOD INGREDIENTS GROUP CO.,LTD/SHANGHAI FTA JADE BODHI INTERNATIONAL TRADE CO.,LTD has been providing Air Dried and Freeze Dried vegetable, herb, select fruit ingredients, and stevioside to the food industries and customers who are from all over the world. Through the years, we've maintained sole ownership of our company and two factories which have strictly quality control and traceablity systems for our products from the harvest of our plant till to the shipment.  Over our long and successful history, we've focused on what we do best: producing ingredients using the highest possible standards. We've consistently grown in the areas of quality control, food safety, and process technology. And now, with more than ten years of experiences, we take pride in the marketplace to work together with our customers.                           

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  • Spinach base

    Spinach base
  • Spring onion base

    Spring onion base

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