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AOTI alcohol disinfectant


AOTI  alcohol disinfectant 


composition and contentthe main component is medicinal ethanol, the content of which is 750 g/ L.

sexual colorless and transparent liquid 

product description this product can kill common bacteria such as enteropathogenic bacteria, pyogenic cocci and pathogenic yeast.

 scope of use this product is suitable for skin surface disinfection and general object surface disinfection.

 package specification 60ml; 100 ml


  1. Skin disinfection: wipe and disinfect the original solution for 1-3 minutes.  

 2. Disinfection of object surface: wipe or soak the original solution to disinfect the object, and the effect is 1.5-3 minutes.


  1. This product is a disinfectant for external use. It is not allowed to be taken orally. It is not easy for children to touch.

  2. This product is inflammable and away from fire source.

 3. Use with caution if you are allergic to alcohol.

 4. It is not suitable for disinfecting the surface of fat soluble objects.

storage conditions keep away from light and store in a cool, dry and ventilated place.

Effective period 24 months

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